SL News: Draft Pool Revealed
Tuesday, December 26th, 2034
The deadline has passed for players to declare for the first-year player draft. United States Silver League officials have released a list to all teams with players who can be chosen on draft day. Teams now have a chance to scout the draft pool for 65 days before the draft is held.

The Transactions page of the BNN site has been updated to provide everyone a glimpse at the youngsters hoping to become the next baseball legends.

The top players available (in no particular order) seem to be:
1. Jack Adams, 18 year-old RF out of high-school.
2. Aki Sato, 21 year-old RHP out of college.
3. Chris Rice, 17 year-old RHP out of high-school.
4. Ramón Flores, 20 year-old RHP out of college.
5. Francisco Rivas, 21 year-old LHP out of college.
6. Craig Woods, 22 year-old CF out of college.
7. Homer Boyd, 21 year-old LHP out of college.
8. Joe Gorman, 18 year-old RHP out of high-school.
9. Alvin Randolph, 21 year-old LHP out of college.
10. Roger Edwards, 20 year-old RHP out of college.

You can find the draft pool in the league transactions screen (league menu).
BNN Stats: Starting Pitching Rookie Leaders
Monday, December 25th, 2034
So, which rookie starting pitchers are leading the United States Silver League in home runs given up?

Zaki Fakhiri, STL, 14
Nebosja Draskovic, STL, 12
Bob Shepard, NA, 12
Turner Shamburger, NA, 11
Joel Farrell, ALL, 10
BBQ Too Hot to Handle for Seixal
Sunday, December 24th, 2034
Voodoo starting pitcher Quintiliano Seixal required medical attention yesterday after severely burning himself while barbecuing at his home. Seixal suffered first and second degree burns when a flame from the grill he was using suddenly shot up his right arm. "It was a pretty scary scene," said teammate Guillermo Coss, who was with Seixal when the accident occurred. "I thought it was going to totally engulf him for a moment." The fire also singed Quintiliano Seixal's hair and eyebrows, but luckily failed to ignite the shirt he was wearing at the time. "It honestly could have been much worse," said Coss. The injury will reportedly keep Seixal out of action for anywhere from 3 weeks up to a month, but doctors expect the burns to fully heal.
Noel Ballard - STL
2 Griffin Woodfinlevine NO .321
3 Alexis Raimbault NJ .319
4 Juan Jose Hernández RC .318
5 Javier Sánchez NJ .314
Javier Sánchez - NJ
2 Harumi Takaki PHX 25
2 Kenny Webster SEA 25
4 Juan Jose Hernández RC 24
5 2 tied with   22
Javier Sánchez - NJ
2 Albert Morán STL 72
3 Harumi Takaki PHX 70
3 Tadayoshi Watanabe PHX 70
5 Syed Sarkar STL 69
Eddie Kop - NO
2 Jon Briddon THB 12
3 Nebosja Draskovic STL 11
3 Ton Jobse ACKC 11
3 2 more tied with   11
Eddie Kop - NO
2 Anatoly Ivanovich THB 2.49
3 Jesús Vidro THB 2.50
4 David Moore STL 2.74
5 Raúl Luna ACKC 3.10
Jesús Vidro - THB
2 Anatoly Ivanovich THB 154
3 Juan Guillén THB 149
4 Nebosja Draskovic STL 147
5 Matthew Fallows NASH 140
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Thunder Bay Northern Lions BC 52 56 .481 17.0
Seattle Aviators 51 57 .472 18.0
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Richardson City Thundercats 47 61 .435 22.0
New Amsterdam Dutchmen 46 62 .426 23.0
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